Vasudha Foundations "Service to the Mankind is service to GOD"
VASUDHA FOUNDATION is always there for the people who are in the hour of need.
It extends its helping hand by
  1. supplying clothes and food grains in the flood affected areas.
  2. conducting medical camps in the areas where medical facilities are not available.
  3. giving financial assistance to the economically backward students.
  4. giving financial help to the ill people for their recovery.
  5. giving donations to the orphanages, old age homes, spastic societies etc.

VASUDHA FOUNDATION is carrying out these activities with its schemes:

1. Aadarana  :

Programme designed to help physically and mentally disabled people to face the challenges in life and join them in the growth of the nation.

2. Aasraya    :

Programme designed to address the problems faced by the senior citizens and taking care of them during their sacred phase of life “Vriddhapya ”.

3. Akshaya   :

Programme designed to stand forefront to provide helping hand to the people who are in crisis at times of natural disasters and helping them revert back to their normal life.

4. Aarogya  :

Programme designed to saves the lives of the people who are affected by general diseases like heart diseases, cancer, kidney diseases, eye diseases etc.

5. Vidya      :

Programme designed to extend financial assistance to the poor students pursuing higher education such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy and PG courses.

Programme Photos

August 19, 2008
The chairman of Vasudha Foundation Mr. Mantena Venkata Rama Raju unveiled the bronze statue of great philosopher of India, Swami Vivekananda in Vivekananda Centenary School, Ajit Singh Nagar in Vijayawada. Eminent personalities like
Mr. Durga Prasada Raju,
Mr. Venkateswara Raju,